New Projects

Friendship 40CC

Ted Fontaine has taken his skill and attention to detail from the extravagant world of large (and small) sailing yachts and is introducing to the powerboat market the Friendship 40 CC, an express cruiser that incorporates the richness and elegance we have come to expect from the drawing boards of this award-winning designer.

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Friendship 65

The Friendship Yacht Company remains true to its mission to build innovative designs to the highest quality and value with the introduction of the Friendship 65 sloop.

The hull configuration of The Friendship 65 represents an evolution of the highly successful keel / centerboard hull forms refined by Ted Fontaine. The 65 is similar to the Friendship 53 and 75 in that this design has ample beam which optimizes the form stability. When combined with the flared bulb keel, the design is capable of carrying a tall and powerful sail plan and thereby maximizing sailing performance. The forward underwater sections of the 65 incorporate a slightly V-shaped section to provide a smooth entry in difficult seas. This hull shape is also proven to provide additional lift which is further enhanced by the deep retracting centerboard making the 65 a proven sailing machine.

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Friendship 48

There is little to improve upon when looking at the 40, but having spent many years on board, Ted Fontaine wanted to create a new yacht that was better suited for extended coastal cruising, without jumping up to a full multi cabin cruising yacht. He asked for additional input from current 40 owners as to what, if anything, they would change or improve about their current yacht.

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